:: 11.14.08 at Moorpark College

Friday, November 14 @ 6pm
Moorpark College Campus Crusade (free) – all ages
7075 Campus Rd, Moorpark, CA 93021
(805) 378-1400 or lakersfan88@gmail.com

:: 11.14.08 at Cornerstone High School

Friday, November 14 @ 10am
Cornerstone High School Chapel (free) – all ages
1777 Arneill Rd, Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 987-8621

:: 11.7.08 at the fallout

Friday, November 7 @ 8pm
The fallout (free) – all ages
461 Central ave., Fillmore, ca
(805) 524-2791

:: 09.21.07 broadcast release notes

the release party had all the key ingredients to a good time: good food, good folks and good fun. many stories were shared and God even did some healing as a result of the party. it wasn't like "lay your hands on" type healing but healing nonetheless. thanks to all who came out and supported our ministry. we pray that you will be blessed by what you hear and that you will share it with those that need to hear. see you next time!

:: 07.18.07 broadcast update

we start mixing next week - can you feel the excitement???

:: broadcast update july 07

one more night of recording keys and one more day of recording percussion and we are ready for the big stir stick!

:: my space july 07

it was bound to happen. yes it appears we are novice and open to your kind help. myspace.com/thebbslounge go there and be merry!

:: josh mcdowell conference

it looks like it will occur in camarillo and it will be a closed event. sorry!

:: elixir 2007 endorsement

we are happy to announce the 5th anniversary of our relationship with elixir strings. (feel free to check us out on the elixir endorsement page) we have been playing their strings with great joy in the studio and live. the combination of victor's larivee and elixir strings has resulted in many comments from industry professionals about the wonderful tone they hear coming forth live and in the studio. they have the best tone and they last the longest. Check elixir out at elixirstring.com.

:: encounter feb 2007 @ 6pm

victor & tamira are leading at encounter in ventura on feb 18 & 25. Stop on by and worship with us. see vcencounter.org or bfconline.info for directions.

:: first listen & the only special edition bbs iPod contest

iPod contest
ok folks, you know it is getting close to having the next cd done when the band starts doing shameless contests and presales to pay for the cd. that said, you will notice in the weeks to come that there will be a new front page that will give you the opportunity to buy the new cd and contend with others to win “the only special edition bbs ipod”. we say “the only” because our big deal with apple is still in the works, although they are unaware of any such deal. basically, the person that buys the most presale cds wins an ipod with “deeper life in You” and “the new record” loaded onto it. no the new record is not called “the new record”; we are still working on finalizing the name. more details on the new page soon.

wait it gets better!

first listen
“first listen” is a party in ventura county where you will be treated like a VIP and be the first to hear the cd as we serve you all the cold soda pop & food you can handle. we will be there mingling and listening along with you. not only will you get cold soda spilt on you unintentionally by the band, but you will also be the first to receive your signed copy of “the new record” (again that is not the official name). we don’t think signing it will help the value, but we are sure it probably will not devalue it MUCH. you might be asking yourself what a deal like this might cost but there’s more. not only will you get cold soda spilt on you by us and an illegibly signed cd, but you also get to buy more copies and win great prizes so you can bless those closest to you. $25 is a small price to pay for all of this wonderful value and the ability to help us do extensively more ministry. remember there will be more details and a rough mix of "surrender my life" on the new page soon.

: : for you linear thinkers : :
contest : : most cds ordered = ipod + happy friends w/ bbs cds
party : : $25 = 1st listen + soda + food + signed cd + party + VIP treatmeant

:: 1.10.07 deeper life notes #2 - believing

“believing in God” is one of those phrases that we tend to throw around like “i love you.” the word love has different meanings if you do a little digging, but today i'm here to shed a little light on the levels of believing. i think many people believe that there is a God and others believe in God for their eternal salvation, but i think there are few that truly believe in God like abraham, isaac, noah, david, job, nehemiah ... etc. did. i'm sure there are some other names that you are thinking of that are not on this list, and you can't believe it (joseph, mary...). it's not a complete list, but it should be good enough to give us a picture of the depth of believing that i’m directing us to. truly believing really proves itself when others don’t believe or when it is contrary to our natural thoughts. you might have heard that true character is proven in the tough times. i think true deep believing happens in the times when few or no others share your thoughts.

moses ended up not taking his people to the promised land because of his lack of belief. moses believed in the power of God, he just didn't believe in the will of God at that particular moment or at all. see instead of speaking to the rock in numbers 20, he strikes it arguably out of frustration or disbelief in God’s will. some would say he was frustrated at the people and didn’t think that God would want to meet the needs of the unruly israelites, but it seems that God did want to meet their needs. God did send His son to die for our needs of a savior, and we sure seem to be unruly most of the time, so it seems that God would have wanted to quench their thirst. the cool thing with God is that moses still gets to see the promised land even though he had a lack of belief.

as i look at the depths of believing, i want to believe like Abraham and the others did. i can only imagine the things people said to the idiot that was building an ark in his front lawn during a drought. to end, please ask God today to reveal to you what you are struggling to believe in and ask that He may show you the truth. act on that truth, and see what God does.

total shameless plug – if you haven’t seen rocky balboa yet, go check it out – a guy who believed.

:: encounter jan 2007 @ 6pm

victor & tamira are leading at encounter in ventura on jan 14, 21, 28. Stop on by and worship with us. see vcencounter.org or bfconline.info for directions.

:: 12.17.06 discovery church @ 9am

victor will be leading at discovery church in simi valley for morning services (9, 10:15, 11:30)
what you will find at discovery is a fantastic time of worship w/ great musicians, authentic fellowship and an excellent speaker
(see www.discoverychurch.com for info and directions)

:: 11.5.06 encounter @ 6pm

victor is leading at encounter in ventura till dec 3. Stop on by and worship with us. see vcencounter.org or bfconline.info for directions.

:: 10.09.06 9am the new cd began

we are so sorry to tell you that “yes” we are finally doing another cd. we realize that some small countries may have sanctions against that but we press on! (as of this writing we are not aware of any sanctions!) monday morning, at way to early, we entered the studio with jeff cowan who is head sound for franklin graham and has produced some top names. we are so blessed to have 4 guys that really work well together and jeff makes it 5 and has been a great addition to the team. we spent three days tracking drums/bass/guitar and scratch vox for our 2nd long awaited (or hoped it would happen again) record. we have much work to do but we are all blessed by what God is giving us to work with. after our 3-ten hour days of 5 guys being, “well guys,” and having more fun than we should get to have, it was as if we were leaving summer camp. so we took pictures and all went back to normality. we have about 40% of the work completed and we may post a snipet so you can hear what we’ve been up to. Click on the record player at the bottom in a couple weeks and you might find something there.

we could use prayer for creative direction not only with the music but with the art direction of the packaging. we are not big fans of making big fans and pasting our mugs all across the cover as we’d like to use the cover to reach people visually and say something with it. we’re just not sure what to say yet J ok - now that you may be snoring and bothering people in close proximity we will leave you with this. we are too busy not to pray!

:: 10.24.06 deeper life notes #1- patience

I’m sure you don’t want to hear about patience especially if you are in the microwave generation but that is exactly what I’m going to share with you about. See this is the first DL notes I’ve posted on the site. I’ve wanted to share my heart with ya’ll on a regular basis but God has not allowed me the time to do so yet and I don’t know when I’ll get to do it again but for today here we are.

I’ve been in the bbs lounge for 5-6 years now and we have a cd out and it did well. One could say, “what’s taken so long for the 2nd cd” and I would say we’ve just had to display patience. I’ve learned over my short life that patience is truly a virtue and is probably even more virtuous in light of the micro gen we have been brought up in. see when we don’t have patience we actually want to play God in our lives. We want to rub the genie and get what we want now. I’m the first to admit I’d love certain things now but as I’ve grown older I realize the downside to getting everything I want and in the timing I want.

1. it would be hard to manage all that stuff
2. If I get everything I want then I have nothing to look forward to.
(It’s like a drug and it becomes tougher and tougher to reach the same level of satisfaction)
3. I can get the opportunity of a lifetime and destroy it because I’m not ready for it.
(I always think of this when it comes to my wife. Had I met her in my early 20’s it would not have happened and I would have missed out on the love of a lifetime)
(writing the dl notes – maybe I need to grow more before I started sharing)
4. discipline doesn’t happen when I get my way all the time
(time shows why that is important)

See when we are satisfied with what God gives us daily then He gets to truly be God in our life and we truly get to live as He’s intended and created us to live and that is worshippers of God not worshippers of ourselves. If we are honest with ourselves much of our worship revolves around us. We love God as long as we are getting what we want when we want it. See that is not biblical. What is biblical is obedience and that takes patience. As we are patient then we give God control of our life and He can perfect our faith. God knows what He has in store for us and it is for good and not for harm. Some of the journey may hurt but the end result is for good and the promised land that awaits us will be revealed to each one of us in God’s timing. Let’s be patient and see that the Lord will bless you and me. For some the journey may be short for others like job the journey may be long. We think we know how much God can use us or can’t use us but only God knows the plans He’s made for us. If God has a larger plan than you thought don’t you think it’s going to take some time in the furnace burning out the impurities. Let’s be patient and see that the Lord will bless you and me. And use us for far more than we ever thought imaginable!

:: 7.08.06 6pm soul food diner

calvary chapel camarillo - free barbeque luau & concert to follow (open concert see cccamarillo.com for info & directions)

:: elixir 2006 endorsement

Praise God we got endorsed again. Elixir has been so good to us it’s sick. We’ve been with them since 2002 and we are blessed to continue to play their strings. Check them out at elixirstring.com. Buy a set you will love them. They are truly the best stings we’ve played. Best tone and they last the longest. I have this $100 guitar I call the “$100 guitar” uh yeah and when I put new elixirs on it the sound is like I’m playing my expensive guitars. It’s amazing what a good string can do for a cheap guitar. Also, check us out on the elixir endorsement page.

:: 2.03.06 7pm listening party Friday

ok folks it’s finally that time – no I haven’t finally showered (the world could only be so fortunate). We have decided to do another cd. That’s right you can put the blunt object down that you’ve been using to impale yourself with every time you hear “better days.” So we decided to let a select few of you in on the selection process as we hone the songs for the next coaster. We will be selecting a group of skilled technicians to help craft the next set list and if you want to be considered feel free to email us at info@thebbslounge.com. This is a rare opportunity to be part of a distinguished panel of music and worship heavies. You’ll get to hear the songs before they are polished and you’ll get to hear all the bad notes and mistakes. Not only that you’ll get to point fingers at the band members and laugh uncontrollably. None of you would do that I’m sure so you can watch us do it to each other. All kidding aside we’ll throw 25 songs at ya and see which 10 make the cut. For some reason the sounds like a reality show (totally unintentional). We are praying that the new cd will be ready by july so please join with us and let’s see if God has the same time frame in mind. Please also pray about who we will record it with as that really alters an albums sound and feel.

:: 08.30.05 upcoming 2nd release

help us do our next album! We need your prayers. There is a lot that goes into the process so as God places something on your heart please pray on our behalf. Thanks so much for supporting our ministry and we pray this next release will bless God and give Him glory.

:: 08.27.05 teen challenge benefit 1pm

teen challenge benefit concert in oak view. At the end of the freeway part of the 33 just outside of ventura on the north hill there is a center for teen challenge. I’ll be there solo acoustic praying that I don’t get hurt and the nice folks sing along with me. Check out teen challenge site for more info.

:: 08.06.05 calvary bookstore

I forgot to put this date up on the journal because it all came about so quickly. I wanted to share a highlight with ya’ll because it was very very funny. So I sit down to do a couple of acoustic versions of songs I should know better than I do and I decide to ask the crowd if they know the happy song. Mostly crazy looks from people thinking I’m going to bust into some partridge family remix. So I figure I’m in a rustic town a little happy song w/ a country twang could end up working out ok (I hope). So start playing this song and people immediately start to smile and sing along as the little light bulbs go on over their heads. Across the street from this outside venue is a popular all-woman workout gym. Well a few ladies decide to interrupt their workout and hang their bodies outside the door to catch some of the happy song. Before I know it there’s a handful of ladies hanging out on the sidewalk taking it in ??? (well I’m not sure what they thought they were taking in – hopefully it was something positive). They seemed to be smiling. As many times as I’ve done that song and heard people say it has a high cheese factor I still like the response it gets from peoples faces. It’s kinda like when they say “cheese”. All those smiles and not even one frown when I couldn’t remember the bridge. I extended the offer to have a hot dog after they finished their workout but I guess that would have been counter productive.

:: 7.17.05 dlc new t

we'd like to announce the acquisition of one of the greatest artists to emerge this side of the patomac river. What? Ok here's the deal we have wanted to give artists the support so they can get their art out (music, graphics, web, video, clothing etc.) Eric h. is one of our friends who is so gifted in video & graphics that we had to let him make a t for dlc. So we just put out the newest logo in the dlc line - the "eric h. original dlc logo" which is out now and ready to bless your body and the Lord. We should have pics up on deeperlife.com soon so check it out and support one of your fellow artists who love's the Lord.

:: 7.16.05 luau at ccc at 6pm

yes that's right folks we are playing a luau and we are more excited than the pig that's for sure. The luau is free - the concert is free - salvation is free - the look on peoples faces when we say "who wants to eat the pig head" - priceless we will be at calvary chapel camarillo Saturday, july 16 at 6pm (see www.cccamarillo.com for details) we will also be doing some new stuff from our upcoming, long-a-waited, over-anticipated, never imitated (would you just finish this line) second album that has been 4 years in the making (it better be good). Miss you all and hope to see you soon!

:: 7.11.05 new site launch

bryan is his name and web development his game. Bryan has been working tirelessly to help us do more ministry. we are so thankful to him and how he uses his gifts to serve God. We are blessed to announce the bbs lounge website to end all websites. Yes, it has a new look and functionality that actually works the way it was intended. however, the message is still the same "He's Jesus". Please feel free to check it out and if you like something tell us and if you don't like something "tell us nicely". Love ya'll

12.12.04 Nicaragua

just got back from another mission trip to nicaragua. it was a blessing again. they taught me how to sing in spanish so i could lead worship for spanish speaker - now if i could talk to them :) i had a blast spending time with the children in the orphanage. one little girl in particular (my eja) well that's how i think of her - she is growing so much and i got a chance to teach this little 6 yr old how to float on the water and go underwater. what a blessing it was. i also got to take in a concert with a popular worship band ROJO - they rocked! they were actually on our plane the next morning on the way home. i talked with the drummer who was really down to earth. it's nice to see since many of the usa leaders are more like rock stars than anything else but that's a subject for kevin allisons book so i'll let you wait till it hits the shelves. what a blessing to see how God is moving in their lives and to see how much they strive after the Lord. peace - victor

11.19.04 happy holidays

Howdy all!
I know it’s last minute but that is what this time of year is all about.
We’ll be at the Ventura Theatre for a benefit concert on Tuesday, November 23 @ 6pm (yeah that’s like next Tuesday)
This is your last chance to loose some weight with your aerobic worship leaders of the bbs lounge before the triptophan sets in. I want you to be warned that we’ve been working out and are ready to burn some calories at this concert. Right after you burn some calories you can take a trip through the “deeper life clothing co. mobile outlet mall” and do all your holiday shopping. Now that is service I tell ya. It’s our goal to see you leave the concert Tuesday night closer to God with all your holiday shopping done as well as a guilt free conscience to eat whatever God might put in front of you this holiday season. :)
Check out www.thebbslounge.com for details.
Can’t make it to the concert but want to do some holiday shopping?
Feel free to check out the “deeper life clothing co. cyber outlet mall” (www.deeperlife.com) and tell a friend (and they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends and so on and so on……………………….)
from all of us at the bbs and dlc we wish you a warm holiday season filled with family, friends and the Lord’s Spirit!
fyi – we are working on a new album please pray for us that we would be creative, say what God wants and that God would multiply our time and resources!

11.28.04 axis in simi valley

we'll be leading worship at axis for their college age worship service. come on out but be warned they might check your id at the door :)

11.23.04 ventura theatre

there are a few tickets left for a concert we are doing at the ventura theatre. contact kdar radio station for ticket info. it is a benefit concert and a great opportunity to do your holiday shopping at the deeper life clothing co. mobile outlet mall :)

10.11.04 worshipmusic.com

worshipmusic.com has just announced that they will be stocking "deeper life in You" on their cybershelves. They are one of the leading providers of christian music. Have a look around the site and feel free to pick up a copy of our album as a stocking stuffer for the one's you love.

08.22.04 free concert

sunday 08.22.04 at 6pm we will be at calvary chapel camarillo for another free concert. we did a concert in june and we all had a blast. we are looking forward to worshiping again at this "raise the praise" event. feel free to bring a friend. also bring your camera because word on the street is that jerremy is doing an interpretive dance. i wouldn't miss it for the world.

07.17.04 bbs wedding #2

brian and katina got hitched in thousand oaks today. it was a beautiful wedding! brian and katina also looked wonderful.

07.08.04 web dude

Ben, our web dude, is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

07.07.04 website update

welcome to the new and updated website. please take a look arround and explore the new features and media. if you have any questions or comments you can let us know at info@thebbslounge.com. have a blessed day.

08.07.04 deeper life night

"deeper life" is going every saturday night (7:11pm) starting in september. we meet at calvary chapel camarillo (380 mobil avenue, camarillo, ca). feel free to stop by.

12.03 vic goes to nic

i have been blessed with an opportunity to go to nicaragua with the senior pastor (bruce zachary) and members of calvary chapel camarillo. we are going over to support a church in managua (capitol) that calvary chapel camarillo has a long-standing relationship with. calvary goes over a couple times a year and helps build, lead worship, outreach and help in their support to the local church. please pray for safety for us as we travel and that God would show us how He wants to use us on this trip. please also pray that God would comfort our families while we are away from them.

12.03 single's conference

three cheers for nathan rich at harvest fellowship in santa barbara who has partnered with our ministry to teach the world to sing in bbs lounge harmony. our ministry marketing strategy is grassroots and many like nathan have teamed with us to bring the lounge a little closer to their home. what is really cool is that we know God is in control when these things happen. we will be loungercising at calvary chapel of santa barbara on saturday, december 6th for their all day single's conference. this is a great group of people who would love to have you present with them at this awesome event. there will be many great speakers and a great time to hear God speak. if you would like to attend please contact joe walsh at 805.252.6955 and tell him the bbs lounge sent you. they said something about friends of the bbs lounge getting a lobster lunch??? i hope that wasn't just static on my cell phone. for more information visit www.calvarychapelsb.com/singles.html

11.03 hard rock cafe

many have been asking when we will be in los angeles or orange county. people get ready to loungercize! saturday november 15 9pm-1am at the hard rock cafe in beverly hills. the night will benefit the james fund (james 1:27) which is a nonprofit organization through family christian stores that was set up for orphans and widows. there will be a small cover at the door unless you go early for dinner (don't quote me though). sorry for the short notice. there are many people that you may know that are not on our email list so we bequeath (request, ask) you fine people to send this info to your fine people.

11.03 november update

october was wonderful as always. yes it's always good because i have a birthday. october was extra special though because we got to see many of you that we have not seen in some time. the event on october 2 was a hoot! it was great to catch up with many of you. the remainder of this year looks exciting with deeper life nights, a singles conference, a trip to nicaragua and hopefully getting our website and devotional book finished. we could use the prayer support! christmas is just around the corner and we have the perfect gift for all your "cold" friends. not to say that you have cold friends. i'm sure they are wonderful. it's just that they might be a little chilly from time to time and need some physical warming up. now that i've dug myself out of china i would like to present the best gift idea since the fruitcake. THE OFFICIAL BBS LOUNGE THROW BLANKET! imagine the look on the faces of your loved ones when their very own blanket arrives. they will see a wonderful representation of the cover of "deeper life in You" and remember to worship God every time they see it. not only are you covering them with physical warmth, you are reminding them to worship God. they will be moved by the gesture and tell the whole family how thoughtful you are. we have blankets available for all your "cold" friends just in time for the gift-buying season! t-shirts are also available in grey (medium and large).

10.03 recent update

we want to start by thanking everyone who has been involved with the bbs lounge ministry in the past two years. through your help and donations we are closing in on giving 10,000 cds. we never thought we'd get rid of 1,000. "deeper life in You" is all over the world! unfortunately we didn't get to take them. we've heard from people in china, ireland, england, swaziland, hawaii and most of the lower 48. we are not supported by a record label or independently wealthy which means we are praying fervently for God to increase our territory and the needs that go with it. many have been asking about a second album. start or continue to pray! we have the songs and want to start recording in december but recording an album involves a little more than songs and a desire. some guy in some band said "making an album is like making sausage - it's better you not see how it is done" also, we are currently writing a devotional book entitled "deeper life" and will be using that as the guide for the deeper life nights when we finish with "purpose driven life." we could use your prayers!

10.03 deeper life night

"deeper life" is a new gathering we lead the first saturday of every month at crossroads christian fellowship (1925 Royal Avenue) in simi valley. feel free to stop by. the next deeper life night will be on saturday october 4th at 7:11pm.

09.03 the past two years

it has been almost two years but we are finally get close to the launch of our full website. the site with be launched nov.1. be on the lookout for our new site and tell people you know or don't know. klife needs a phone call from you all so they can start playing our music. you are the people and you have the power. check out klife.org for contact info. we are also working on the launch of deeper life clothing - the original deeper life clothing shirt will be out soon.

09.03 deeper life festival

the first ever, deeper life festival was a huge success as God was worshiped and His family was loved and expanded (that's not just because the tri-tip was good). there were four bands (pound foolish, the bbs, rosanna fiorazo, blessed hope chapel praise team, louie formerly of brothers n blues). it was a great day in the sun with the Son. the only near death experience was when one of the 4 huge slide/jumper "things we didn't have when I was a kid" thing fell over. the band is okay! it was more than just bands having fun on the kid's toys it was a community Christ-centered outreach with free food, games and booths from klife, campus crusade, epic life, compassion int., face painting, snow cones and cotton candy. kevin allison from the ground floor kept the event on schedule as the mc and said "fun was had by all." it was great to see churches come together in a community event.

07.03 bbs wedding

victor and tamira finally got married on july 19th 2003. it rained in the morning but cleared up just in time for the ceremony. what a beautiful day and i have to say tarmira was lookin pretty good herself. no family fights broke out and vegas lost a lot of money on whether we would smash cake in each others faces. nobody could believe it. it was way out of character for both of us. we have settled into our little domicile in ventura, aalifornia and let's just say i'd rather eat at home than in most 5-star restaurants. the news i'm sure everyone is most excited to find out though is my rocky poster got relegated to the office. i had to beg for that - he started out in the garage!